Developing housing for the ‘Have-nots’

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Developing housing for the ‘Have-nots’

Post  Bethany on Tue Jun 07, 2011 1:59 pm

The problems faced by people without adequate shelter, and forced to live in slums and squatter settlements has so far denied a satisfactory solution.  A pragmatic public-private cooperation will only mitigate the problem.  Such a cooperation is easier said than done due to the slow decision making process of the government which always moves at a snail’s pace.  Experts have always cautioned that decisions taken on time will always save much money by cutting down on wasteful expenditure.
Due to the continuous migration of people to the key city centers, the price of real estate in the prominent cities of the state has now moved up to astronomical levels.  When considering the developments in Real Estate Kerala state as a whole is now charting a different pattern of development.  While the developed regions of the world are facing a severe financial crisis, such developments have had no effect on the Kerala housing scene so far.
Consider the real estate developments in Kochi, the commercial capital of the state.  If the state government refused to step in, the urban poor without access to proper shelter would have been left in dire straits, when considering the continuing appreciation in real estate values in the key city centers.  Landed properties in the urban areas are now beyond the reach of the common man.  Even the middle class people are now feeling left out.
In earlier times the housing cooperatives tried to satisfy the needs of the people without shelter.  They succeeded only to a certain extent.  Due to the lack of vision and improper management of financial and other material resources under their jurisdiction, the housing cooperatives met with a premature end.  Corruption and nepotism affected a heavy toll on the efficiency of such institutions.  Slowly those institutions got unpopular and the younger generation now knows nothing about it in modern times.


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