Knights of the South Info/Ethos

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Knights of the South Info/Ethos

Post  Scorch on Tue Jan 12, 2010 9:08 pm

Knights of the South (KoS)

The Knights of the South are an Australian/Oceanic clan that promotes and encourages honourable and fair conduct on the battlefield, as well as teamwork (obviously). We do not encourage any unjustified behaviour that could be construed as unfair or unfriendly, and this includes but is not limited to: griefing, trolling, exploiting and just generally being a jerk.

Our clan tags are "KoS".

Team Communication:
We use Mumble, a free and open source VOIP program. It's quality is far superior to TeamSpeak, it has less delay, and it uses less bandwidth. It also includes many nifty features, like 3D directional voice for Mount&Blade: Warband and many other games.

Server Name:
Port: 64738

We used to use the Warband Beta Channel on the Games On Net TeamSpeak server for our clan voice chat needs, but now Mumble is our main communication method. Be sure to read and setup Mumble properly. Use my tutorial if you need help:,109998.0.html

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